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selling a lot of indie lolita! muchacha ahcahcum/franche lippee/grimoire

eglfeedback: here

prices include shipping in the USA and fees, only accepting paypal.
am selling my beloved clothing because i am moving to another country and i can't take much with me. i hope all of these items will go to loving homes. thank you for looking! please comment with any questions
1.【iPhone5/5s】-Dans un jardin dans le rêve- 夢の国の庭園で
currently sold out on grimoire (this item in their shop)
my photos:

there is a small scratch in the middle scene here:

(barely visible unless inspected) otherwise in perfect condition.

¥3,150- ($30)
my price:
$22 shipped -> $19 shipped

2. innocent world under the knee socks/ 3. muchacha ahcahcum sheer socks/ 4. celeste stein thigh high socks

2. in fair condition. i never wore these socks, but bought them from egl a few years ago for $35. there is light pilling and some wear on the soles which is reflected in the price. lace in good condition.
price: $18 shipped -> price: $16 shipped

3. in perfect condition, only tried on. beautiful sheer, sparkly socks. never worn outside. originally 2,100 yen

more photos here on palm maison
my price: $21 shipped

4. only tried on, perfect condition
original price: $16
my price: $13 shipped -> $10 shipped SOLD

5. *very rare* franche lippee mexican night OP

this is by far the prettiest OP i've ever owned. i preordered it from honey bunny and it sold out within a day upon release. the print is incredibly detailed and gorgeous.
i bought it for ¥11,340 before shopping service/shipping fees. it came out to around $150 for me. i'm selling it for $125 shipped, -> $115 shipped SOLD since it's in excellent condition, is very rare and is still the price i bought it for but cheaper without SS fees.
this is a photo of it in the easy to find color combo/style so you can see length/fit:

6. baby&baby pastel purple cardigan

good condition, needs an iron!
$18 shipped -> $15 shipped

7. laura ashley black sailor corduroy dress

i bought this in england and never got a chance to wear it due to where i live weather wise. it is a US8/UK 10.
here is the same dress on two separate ebay listings (here and here) listed for $164 and $222.
$110 shipped (it is a heavy item so i expect $20 of this will be towards shipping, the dress in reality i am only charging $90 for) -> $95 shipped

8. mother/fig femme lace bib top

this top is so cute, it makes an outfit. i wore it twice (great condition) and felt so dainty in it. mother/fig femme make some quality pieces and this is definitely one of them.
bought from ZOZOLuiiRe upon release, here is more info about the top in japanese.

originally: ¥12,600 ($123 without SS fees/shipping)
my price: $86 shipped -> $80 shipped

9. rowky suspender skirt

i bought this skirt from a rowky group order and was extremely impressed by the quality of this piece. the material is very thick, the skirt has a lot of weight and therefore sits nicely. rowky page

$20 shipped -> $19 shipped SOLD

10. franche lippee animal print tights (ようかいタイツ)

(same tights different color)
these were my favorite tights for a long time, they are simply perfect. thick material, comfortable and very cute. they are worn: pilling a hole near the toe and were originall 6,300 yen ($62) so the condition is reflected in the price. i still have the original tag attached.

hole/pilling condition:

price: $34 shipped -> $28 shipped

11. muchacha velvet rabbit tank

this would best fit an xs/small. there is a gray inner lining, cotton white tank with velvet bunny all around print.
$31 shipped

12. 2008 muchacha red riding hood OP/top (print on it is by artist nathalie lete)

the listing for it/meausurements are still listed here. near perfect condition.
originally: 11,500 yen ($112)
my price: $78 shipped SOLD

13. american apparel pique full woven skirt in green

i wore this skirt will all my indie lolita tops. it needs a good ironing and has some wear which is reflected in the price, but is still in very good condition. size small
originally: $38
my price: $22 shipped -> $18 shipped SOLD

14. lace cardigan

i bought this from an egl user for $42, they were doing a group order. the lace is very high quality, it's a beautiful piece.
$30 shipped -> $28 shipped

15. topshop floral white pants

worn but in good condition, US 6
$29 shipped -> $25 shipped

can only go to the post office once a week due to school, but will ship out your item ASAP. thanks so much for looking and please don't hesitate to ask questions!
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