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Hello! Long time no see ^^ this is tsu_ reporting from changi airport. Anyway some quick updates:

Fairywish Christmas sale! all the items from last year's Akazukin line are 20%-30% off, which makes it much more affordable than usual.

Another shop that is doing a christmas sale is Doris shop which is currently having a major discount on Victorian Maiden items.

Point of interest: someone is selling all of Mizuno Aoi's clothing (as in her stage and photoshoot outfits). A little background: Mizuno Aoi was a very popular singer-idol of the 90s, her real name was Okuchi Youko. She was very famous for her casette single: Merry-Go-Castle. (japanese wiki) The most interesting part is that she wore a lot of old, OLD pinkhouse/MILK/lolita clothes from 80s and 90s such as:

old school MILK from 20years ago!
oldschool Angloquins looks like Pinkhouse
very very retro sweet lolita
more retro sweet lolita

If you search her name (水野あおい) on google you can find a lot of her other photoshoots where she's wearing a variety of vintage styles (Kaneko Isao, Sweetie, Betty's Blue and really old MILK/Jane Marple). Looking at her photos is quite like walking through a Nakahara Junichi gallery (famous shojo-artist pioneer, created the main 'otome' ideal) If you are interested in this kind of manga-crossing-over-fashion-art thing, here is a good basic article on shojo styles.

Finally, for those looking for a visual fix Remi Tachibana has a giant gallery that features natural-kei (example 1, example 2 and example 3) as well as lolita (1 and 2) plus cosplay/potraits and stuff. I've clicked around to check, and most of it is safe for work.

OK that's all for now, I'll try to update when I get back! :D (I'll be going HK, then Korea, then Indonesia and back to Singapore so I'll try to write a list of lolita shops within South/Southeast Asia) Have a wonderful christmas everyone<3

image credit to jane marple.

P.S if you have something very very very urgent please send an email to or my co-mod shibahime

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