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Fudge 06 scans + KERA vol. 13/sept 2009 + Meta 'new?' line

First off,

FUDGE scans: (.rar)

Fudge is a fashion magazine by Newtype, and features many beautiful photoshoots. They're like a younger version of So-En and more 'designer mainstream' than other street magazines. Sometimes they have JaneMarple or Emikyu photoshoots but mostly they're great to read (and value for money!) because of the huge amount of shoots - the entire magazine is a good 160++ pages, so I scanned only the Kaela Kimura shoot, 2 main style features and 2 pictures from every other shoot (I skipped some like the sunglasses one and a few others, there's just too many I'm sorry! "A";;;) The page layouts are very beautiful too.

It's not really lolita - but more for older lolitas maybe in their 20s and above, who are looking for something feminine and cute-girly yet 'mainstream' and polished enough for professional/daily wear. Also, I think this is a good example of Japanese clothing that doesn't have a specific 'style name' attached - too much of lolita tends to focus exclusively on 'this style' or 'that style' without a conscious referencing to general fashion trends....when in truth, a lot of general trends ie. remember macaron craze? it started from mainstream tastes. Mixing and matching lolita pieces with other general trend items creats a more wearable look than say....the current alternative trend of fairy-kei (I think anyone who flipped open the recent KERA will get a shock of their life)

Magazine: FUDGE
Publisher: Newtype/San-ei Shobo
Frequency: Once every 2 months
ISBN: 4910178330693 (for vol. 10 June 09)

Next up, KERA 09 scans:

current fashion style sample:

New Innocent World items (with prices): (fawn print JSK) (victorian doll OP) (tartan OP + hat)

New Emily Temple cute items (with prices): (paris girl OP + tulle lace cropped cardigan)

Street snaps:

H.Naoto advertisement:

I think I might not be buying KERA anymore after this issue. I'm not really keen on the florid styling and lurid colours and the photoshoots have dropped drastically in terms of quality. I'm also not a big fan of the fairy-kei's cute, but not for me. However, I've just placed my order for SPOON, so maybe I will continue with that instead. I think there are enough people scanning KERA anyway!

From Alice Deco 2,

New Metamorphose items (unknown name/no price):

*It's not very clear, but the JSK is flocked and is similar to the old ornament print series, I'm really excited for Meta's Autumn/Winter because they seem to be making a lot of cool new stuff like the detective series tartan, melody OP and this unknown line.

PS. just a few things:
- do NOT repost these anywhere, they're meant solely for this community. You may use it for icons/layouts/whatever however

- I have deliberately kept the quality of the scans low but clear, this is to ensure that if possible people will buy their own copies of these magazines

- If you wish for a bigger picture of any item in particular, please let me know in comments

- For those PM'ing me, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE turn on your 'reply' function. I really want to answer your questions, but I can't if you don't have your PM turned on for public use

Right! I'll scan So-en tomorrow or sometime next week :D Please enjoy it and have a good weekend!
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