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alice auua, alternative fashion, ange, antique beast, aristocratic sucre, atelier boz, atelier pierrot, beauty:beast, black peace now, carina le arlequin, coquette doll, dangerous nude, dark red rum, deep forest, deorart, despair, dessertrose, doris, emily temple cute, excentrique, fairywish, fashion, garland, glp, gothic and lolita, gouk, green forest, heart e, honey, ingeborg, jane marple, japanese brands, juliette et justine, karl helmut, kazuko ogawa, kikilala shoten, lapin agill, lolita fashion, lost angel, marchenmerry, mary stuart, miho matsuda, milky ange, millefleurs, millenoirs, moon afternoon, mother garden, mukuro, pina sweet collection, pink house, princess doll, ruban de coppelia, salon de atmosphere, schwarz schmetterling, seraphim, shirley temple, shotgun wedding, soraumiberry, spica, suppurate system, swimmer, triple fortune, union jack, what a wonderful world
A community for those interested in other forms of gothic&lolita fashion, as well as related fashion such as natural-kei/Pink House styles.

All members are welcome! Please remember to be polite and respect each other's opinions.

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