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DS: JaneMarple violin series JSK and Dolly-kei inspired dress

Hello everyone!

Here are some of the things I would like to sell, but first things first:

Rules for buyers:

- I ship from Spain
- My EGL Feedback page (+38)
- I only accept Paypal
- I always ship the items by registered mail
- I don't have pets and I don't smoke.

Please, notice that these items are on my personal Storenvy Store, but I've added the link to each one. All the prices are listed on US dollars.
JaneMarple diamond skirt: Description, measurements and other pictures here.
$40 + shipping


Handmade 'Hanging Houses' JSK: Description, measurements and more pictures here.
$135 + shipping


JaneMarple Violin series JSK: Description, more pictures and measurements here.
$270 + shipping


Dolly key inspired necklace: More pictures and info here.
$20 + shipping


Handmade velvet otome JSK: More info and measurements here.
$40 + shipping


Thanks for looking! Please, don't hesitate to ask any doubt ;)

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